Dolphy’s World

Dolphy in transist.

Dolphy boards a plane from San Marcos to Portland

Originally from China, Dolphy immigrated to the US and was adopted by Alison’s nephew, Ian. Raised in San Marcos, California, Dolphy moved to Portland, Oregon in 2014. Dolphy’s World was created so that Ian can keep track of Dolphy’s domestic and international travels.

Whether he's shopping till he drops in Bangkok's Chatuchak Market, soul searching at temples, sipping Thai iced teas to beat the heat or scarfing down seafood on the coast, Dolphy knows how to have a good Thai time!

From the Red Fort in Delhi to boat rides on the Ganges to train rides on the Darjeeling Himalayan Express, Dolphy does it all.

Dolphy fans: rejoice! Everyone's favorite flippered friend has been soaking up all the subcontinent has to offer, from the lush jungles of Hampi to the arid deserts of Rajasthan.

Dolphy explores Vancouver, meeting the local wildlife, enjoying Chinese food, and plotting his moves in India

Dolphy celebrates (and we mean celebrates) his stateside return with friends and family.

There were Turkish delights galore for Dolphy as he traveled from Southeastern Anatolia to Istanbul.

Dolphy shows his geological side exploring the otherworldly rock formations and cave dwellings of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Follow Dolphy across Greece as he asks deep questions in ancient Delphi (and signs the museum guest book), takes in a flick at an outdoor cinema in Athens with an Acropolis view, picnics on Naxos, island hops to Kos and drinks out of any open container he can get his flippers on. Opa!

Whether sampling souvlaki and retsina, cooling off in the botanical gardens or touring the acropolis and the Temple of Zeus, Dolphy sports his Greek colors with pride.

From the southern tip of Sardinia to the Sicilian port of Palermo, follow Dolphy as he eats (and drinks) his way across the Italian Mediterranean.

It's sparkling seas and sultry sunsets for everyone's favorite Dolphin on the Italian island of Sardinia

After sightseeing, bric-à-brac shopping and charcuterie sampling in Bordeaux, Dolphy takes the fast train to the Mediterranean coastal city of Marseille and boards a ferry headed for Sardinia. Bon voyage!

Who's that gettin' jiggy with the Guggenheim and bellying up to the bar in Bilbao? It's Dolphy.

Dolphy enjoys the seaside views and small town living in this friendly fishing village

From civilized sight seeing to excessive sidra drinking, follow Dolphy's exploits across northern Spain

Follow Dolphy from the Straight of Gibraltar to Spain's capital city

Dolphy blends in, and we mean blends in, to the blue city of Chefchaouen, Morocco

From the souks of Marrakesh to the docks of Casablanca

One Dolphin's Mission to Promote Morocco … One Teapot at a Time

Dolphy writes a few parting postcards over breakfast and toasts Lisbon a fond farewell at night

Dolphy samples the world famous pastel de nata from Antiga Confieteria de Belém, and checks out the Torre de Belém and Berardo collection of modern art

Dolphy en route from PDX to MAD

Highlights from Dolphy's stay in Ashland, Oregon with Grammy and Gramps, February 2014

Dolphy spends a weekend at Cannon Beach during a rare coastal Oregon snow storm

Goodbye, Ian! Dolphy misses you!

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  1. Susan Mock
    Susan Mock / 3-23-2014 / ·

    Wherever he goes, Dollphy’s world appears more colorful and exciting than the one mere humans experience. he is obviously brave, bold, and prepared to seize the day. I can tell he will have lots to tell Ian the next time they meet? Give Dolphy a kiss on the top of his head for me.

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