Lisbon's Big Picture

Lisbon’s Big Picture

Some people stand on the edge of the earth, gaze out upon the sea, and enjoy the view. Not you. You are on a mission. You are an obsessed beachcomber, studying the two feet of sand in front of you for treasure. This city may be nicknamed A Cidade das Sete, The City of Seven Hills, known for it’s panoramic vistas, but your head is down, searching the calçada, the cobblestoned sidewalks, alleyways, staircases and plazas, for clues. What is this city trying to tell you? What do the symbols in the stones mean? Where is this labyrinthine path leading you? It is as if the city is a giant mosaic and, if only you could get up high enough, the cryptic puzzle pieces would come together and Lisbon’s secret message would be revealed.

Searching the stars at our feet for answers,



Cobblestone art in the Belém district, Lisbon, Portugal