Passionate Sugar

Passionate Sugar

Who could it be? They’re cute as a button! They have addictive adventures! They’re pals to the core!

Yes, it’s “os apaixonados!

The passionate!

Could you want more out of sugar?

Nicola–a crafty coffee company in Portugal–tells the tale of two lovers with a one-liner story on each sugar packet.

Adorable. Crafty. Delightful. Thirty stories in the first set. I’m a fan.

Here are some examples:

Four Nicola sugar packets

Four Nicola sugar packets: 9/30, 15/30, 26/30, and 27/30.

Three Nicola sugar packets

Three Nicola sugar packets: 4/30, 6/30, and 7/30.

Here are a few translations, compliments of Google and others on the web:

  •  4/30: The passionate exchange pampering in the shower.
  • 7/30: The passionate glow in the dark.
  • 15/30: The passionate always have a giant smile.

These sugar packets have a world-wide following. A second set has been released with the same couple in their elder years, him with male pattern baldness, and her with her hair in a bun. Thirty more stories. All life long they are…

os apaixonados!

Living the sweet life,