Portugese Army Knife

Portugese Army Knife

The right tools are important if you’re going to travel the world on a budget.

No doubt you’ve heard of the Swiss army knife: that red, ingenious multitool so crafty that it has single-handedly kept the center of Europe clear of two world wars and a host of smaller conflicts.

That’s a good tool, to be sure, and we used one on our first trip around the world.

This time, however, our needs are more clear, our budget is lower, and we have higher friends in lower places.

So this trip we are opting to use a Portuguese Army knife, pictured here.

Note the key elements:

  • A long blade for cutting smoked sausages like chouriço
  • A corkscrew (The Portuguese own most of the world’s cork trees. They never produce wine with screw tops.)
  • Available to civilians in Portuguese trinket shops for the low, low price of four Euros

While not as whiz-bang or innovative as the knives of the Swiss army, this knife did help the Portuguese stay neutral during World War II. It’s clearly a powerful tool.

Do we miss the tweezers or the leather awl or magnifying glass?

We’ll let you know,