The Temple of Apollo in Delphi. The oracle worked here.

The Delphic Oracle: An Interview

When we travel halfway across the planet to Delphi, we’re going to put some questions to the Oracle, aren’t we?

You bet!

We’ve put our questions in italics and her responses in grand, bold quotes.

Will Oprah read Rebecca’s soon-to-be-optioned-and-published book?

Of course. Everyone will.

What should we have for dinner tonight?

More souvlaki.

At what date and time will the next big earthquake strike the Portland metro area?

Just after the Columbia River Crossing is finished.

Will Alison’s brother live to see another Phillies World Series victory?

It is possible, after many years of suffering. Zeus will throw bolts of lemon juice into his eyes.

When will Allison H. find true love?

Matsutakis are always found in autumn.

Should our next real estate investment be in Oviedo, Spain or Mendoza, Argentina?

That depends. Do you prefer white wine or red?

Will Alison’s parents have prime sidewalk space for this year’s 4th of July parade in Ashland?

It is written. In masking tape. On the sidewalk.

How many pies will Ranch Mom make in the month of July?


How many pies will Kylene bake between July and her wedding in September?

Fifty-two. No, wait…three. Then she will see the light of day and have it catered.

What flavor of ice cream should we have when we fly to Tillamook with Tony?

Wild mountain huckleberry…no, wait…that flavor with the little chocolate cows in it…no wait, oh, it’s so hard to decide.

From the home of prophecy,